Components Description

Internal memories

SPEAr1340 combines two built-in memory:

  • 32 KB Boot ROM (BootROM)
  • Static RAM area (SRAM)


BootROM refers to the on-chip 32 KB ROM, as well as firmware in a tube pre-stored in a memory. Supported boot devices:

  • Serial NOR Flash
  • Parallel NOR Flash
  • NAND Flash
  • UART
  • SD / MMC

BootROM firmware selects the boot device after reset by reading the status strap [3: 0] Contact.

Static RAM (SRAM)

Some of these memory areas used during the boot phase by flash BootROM. After downloading all areas of SRAM fully available for general-purpose applications.

Key Features:

  • 32 KB of RAM (SYSRAM0, one port). When all of the islands off the power, SYSRAM0 losing data content.
  • 4K always RAM (SYSRAM1, one port). When all of the islands off the power, SYSRAM1 retains its data content.


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